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The Great American Right to Complain

For 30+ years as a news hound and reporter of weird stuff, I have believed it is the duty of Americans to speak up truthfully about what they like and dislike. We have the right to complain, to make things better. This was true in the past. Is it still?

I like transparency in government and privacy for individuals. I support fair and honest voting for the public. I oppose violence and support peaceful change. I try to read a broad spectrum of news and ideas, but don’t agree with everyone or everything I read or see. Reading is not approving, obviously.

I’m not into anything subversive, not a hacker, I follow laws, pay my taxes, volunteer for the Red Cross, make it to church at times, try to respect differences, and so on.

I like the idea of humans getting organized as a species, but not under fascism. I don’t like Nazis or any other violent war-promoting control freaks. The idea of people writing about Reptilian Aliens years ago, as I understood it, was a metaphor that there are factions of “cold blooded” ideological Nazis in the US government. I question this, but I can see why some people think so. Nevertheless, I still believe that most workers in our government agencies take seriously their oaths to uphold the US Constitution. While US agencies do protect US corporate interests in the name of National Security, they also still protect US citizen’s rights, including the right to complain, at least to some degree. So, don’t buy into rumors too much, but watch the news and see what rings true.

I have heard and do fear that something like Nazi Germany could too easily appear again anywhere in the world. Highly unlikely to happen in the USA, right? But see the short film the Third Wave to understand how it could. If a true US dictatorship, or oligarchy was in play, vocal people, even those who complain peacefully, might be attacked covertly, framed as radicals or turned into criminals in political theater using dirty tricks, digital and otherwise. Some state that George Orwell’s “1984” is here in 2019, that there are various kinds of Fake News being created even today in the USA to sway public opinion, to make money, etc. I hear such things, even from our US president, but do not know if they might be true. The drama of a presidential impeachment is playing out in the news as I write this. I watch the news and wonder. The devil is in the details.

Conspiracy is a real thing; we have laws against it in the USA and people, including members of Congress, have gone to prison for it. Not every conspiracy theory is true, but some are, investigators have to look at the facts, the real facts, when available.

How can we fix corruption and undue influence of big business in government if not by “storming Area 51?”

I like capitalism and competition generally, but support an idea by the Yang campaign to reasonably rein in the influence of super wealthy individuals and lobby groups:

Democracy Dollars. The easiest way to minimize the influence of super-rich individuals and SuperPACs in our politics is to drown that money out with contributions by normal Americans. Under my Democracy Dollars plan, every American would receive $100 per election cycle to donate to candidates of their choosing.

Via AndrewYang

I don’t endorse him as a presidential candidate, but I like this idea. (I’m being hit by spam calls in Chinese. Is it because I used the word “Yang” on this post? Is it because my name “Xeno” sounds Chinese? I’m Italian and I’ve never been to China, so go away, spambots. )

Representative Democracy, allowing the majority of the people (instead of a cabal) to pick the best leaders works well only if we have well informed voters. To make Democracy Dollars work, we first need truth in advertising and truth in news reporting.

Simultaneous with Democracy Dollars, we need laws that provide stiff fines for lies, and even stiffer fines for lies about lies–in other words, an American realist movement. I support accurate and fearless fact checking as the basis for an effective peaceful democracy. We must protect the rights of reporters (including bloggers) to investigate and report the truth. At the same time, I believe some things, to protect the public and the planet from maniacs, should remain secret. There are topics that I won’t touch as a reporter for this reason. It’s a balancing act. The solution is to have working checks and balances that we all generally trust. 

A note about the alien stuff on TrueStrangeNews: Being interested in the culture of oddities, I have driven to Nevada and stayed at the Little Ale’Inn near Area 51 a few times. I enjoy the whole ET alien thing, the interesting people you can meet and the science fiction fun aspect of it. I liked the movie Independence Day and enjoyed driving on the ET highway. I also personally like the idea of a US Space Force, although people laugh at it and some strongly oppose it.

To close this statement, I support both my local police and my government. In each, I believe are mostly individuals of strong moral character who sometimes have to fight within their organizations for what is right, for what is truly American, for our rightful way of life.

I have many years of blog entries to back up who I really am, and what I’m about, but all social media for any individual can be instantly turned off, by the powers that be, as we have seen in the news. Perhaps every peaceful non-criminal citizen should write their statement like this one and per-emptively post it online. A suggested ending for it would be:

Please save a copy of this, my statement of peace (last updated Nov 6, 2019), on your computer, in the cloud, etc. and republish the bejeebies out of it if it ever “disappears” with something contrary to my real values stated above seeming to be coming from me.

Exploring the universe in peace,

Xeno of True Strange News

Xeno is a songwriter who has written over 100 songs, a reporter and blogger for 30+ years and nephew of a member of the band Steppenwolf. He was engaged to the personal chef of a billionaire and has traveled to all US states interviewing people for an eventual book on happiness. He opposes violence and promotes peaceful positive change.

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