The Napping EnergyPod Cradles You In Comfort While You Sleep At Work

20130721-235758.jpgAs bizarre as it might sound that you’d sleep at work, it seems progressive companies around the world are adopting the concept. Taking short power naps during the day has been proven over and over again to help with memory, productivity, creativity and inspiration. Huffington Post, Google, Proctor & Gamble, Cisco, Ben & Jerry’s, AOL, Zappos, Nike, Pizza Hut, British Airways, Time Warner and Newsweek are just a few of the companies that allow and even encourage napping in theircorporate offices.

Arianna Huffington once said, “Fatigue is the enemy of creativity and memory.” The Huffington Post corporate office has “napping rooms” where employees can take a quick snooze. The rooms are equipped with these EnergyPods you see below. These pods are created by Metronaps, and they are the ultimate way to sleep at work.

These ergonomically designed, technology infused sleeping pods create a private sanctuary for a mid-day power nap. They are pre-programmed with a timer that goes off after 20 minutes (or you can set it for a longer or shorter time). The pods play soothing music, and they are designed to eliminate distracting noises on the outside. They are programmed with a combination of lights and vibration, which will gently wake you up at the end of your quick sleep cycle.

These EnergyPods cost about $8,000 each, and their purpose is to re-energize employees so they can work at peak performance for the remainder of the workday. These pods have not only been sold to businesses so employees can sleep at work, but also to hotels, spas, hospitals and other types of companies that want to offer clients or patients a place to privately power nap. I have a feeling these types of chairs are going to become even more popular in the future. What a brilliant idea and a genius design.

via BitRebels


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