Oklahoma Face Biting Front Door Snake + House Climbing Snake

The strangest thing in the strange news today: A man rings a doorbell at the Oklahoma home of his friend and a five and a half foot snake wrapped around his friend’s porch light strikes and bites him in the face. The whole event is captured on doorbell cam.

The video, recorded by Rodney Copeland’s doorbell camera in Lawton and posted to Facebook by his son, shows Jerel Heywood approaching the front door Sunday when a snake wrapped around a porch light suddenly strikes the visitor in the face.

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Jerel Heywood planned to spend Sunday with friends in Lawton, Okla., but the afternoon took a turn. The Copelands had an unexpected visitor: a 5-foot 5-inch snake, wrapped around their porch light.

A doorbell camera captured the moment Heywood opened the screen door to Rodney Copeland’s home and the slithering reptile struck, biting the unsuspecting man in the face, CNN reported.

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… Copeland said it was the first time he found a snake in his home. He imagines the 5-foot-5-incher was taking refuge from recent heavy rains. …

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It looks like it bit him on the outside corner of the right eye. The non-venomous snake was killed by a neighbor and the man was rushed to the hospital where his wound was cleaned and he was given antibiotics.
What I’m having trouble visualizing is how a 5.5″ snake of any kind climbs up a wall or door to reach a porch light.
Here’s the answer. This video pretty much explains it.

A big snake can easily climb up a wall to a house, if it chooses. It only needs a few anchor points, like old nails or a window frame.
It’s not common, but it happens.

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