The Unexpected Tree Couch

As I know not when the unspecified doom foretold me by persons or places of power is coming, I’ll keep doing what I love for now: blogging the world’s best non-gross strange news. Any ideas how a couch like this one gets up a tree like this one? This is great. It looks impossible.

Any reasomable guesses?

Somehow a couch has become lodged some 20-25 feet up in the branches of a tree on West 95th Street near Amsterdam Avenue. Ed Park tells us the furniture has been up there for three days, with no obvious explanation.

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Baffled residents of a New York neighborhood said a couch has been suspended about 20-25 feet up a tree without explanation for days.
The couch was photographed atop a tree in a residential part of West 95th Street in Manhattan, near Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West Side.
Neighbors said the couch has been stuck in the tree for several days without explanation.
It was unclear whether the city had plans to remove the couch.

Team effort by 50 drones? A strong gust of wind? Strong squirrels?
My guess: 20 ft of snow was piled up on the roof days ago so they could drag the couch up there, then the snow melted.
In addition to blogging strange world news, I have accepted the idea that I’m personally an unintentional weirdness magnet.
Like right now. I randomly parked to blog, picked this awesome tree couch and it turns out that I’m at a filly strange scene: A parked van with dark windows is about to be towed, but they can’t figure out if anyone is in there. Shining lights, banging, no answer. Are they just going to tow it without opening it? Ha, now they are shaking the hell out of it by lifting the front repeatedly. No one stirred as yet.
Now they have lifted it at a crazy angle, as if to dump anyone inside out of it. It does look like someone could be camping out in there. Strange stand off. Wow, they bent the front rims. Slimjimmed in. Alarm went off. Cut the black tarp inside. No one is in there. They popped the hood. Disconnected the battery to stop the alarm. Going through the dash, probably looking for registration. Checking a leak under the van, they probably broke a line.
There it goes, they took it away. Someone is going to have a bad day when their Scooby Van is gone and the front wheels are bent and some line is busted and leaking. Are towing companies liable for damages? I doubt it.
Weirdness as it happens.

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