A Fix for WordPress iPhone App Help

Help in the iPhone version of the WordPress App had been broken for so long that I was about to quit, but there is a fix. The issue with the latest WP app for me was that none of the help options funtioned:

If I click Help & Support…

I get this screen. So far so good…

There is a help center, my tickets, and a Contact Us option. Or so it says… However:

1. The Help Center has No Articles

Here is what I see in the app when clicking to view the help articles:

No articles found.

Searching for a topic such as “Blog” gives this screen:

The contact us link does not work. Going back a few screens, Contact Us also does not work.

2. Contact Us = Blank Page

Here is what I see when I click to contact help within the app. The page never loads.

3. Past Tickets = Blank

I have past tickets but they do not show up.

4. Clicking “Start a Conversation” Does Nothing.

A blank window pops up briefly in the app and quickly disappears, returning me to the screen above, with the useless “Start a Conversation” link.

WordPress, for a platform with “32% of the Internet,” this is a surprisingly bad situation, but getting help through a web browser by logging in to my site there did work.

Solution: Even though I had the latest app, verified just now, deleting it and reinstalling from the app store fixed the issue. I could then get to this screen:

Clicking OK let me submit a question:

When a problem kept me from unfollowing some blogs during troubleshooting, even after quitting the app and restarting the phone, reinstalling the app fixed this.

WP tech support recommended an even faster work-around for this bug: logging out then back in on the WP iPhone app clears the cache and fixes this problem.

Thanks to WordPress online chat help for the solution! I tried this before and it didn’t work, but this time it did.

Happy blogging.

Xeno, Editor of

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House of Heart

It’s pretty bad. I am unable to “like” blogs on the new WP order like yours. I get kicked out and have to login again still unable to like ! So frustrating.

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