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Three Babies from Two Wombs in One Woman

About one in every million women has two uteruses. A woman in Bangladesh, 20 year old Arifa Sultana Iti, has this biological condition, uterus didelphys, but it was unknown to her and further, strangely, was not detected when she had a normal birth of a baby boy. Then, under a month after her first birth, she went to the hospital complaining of lower abdominal pains and they discovered she was still pregnant, with twins, in a second womb.

Arifa gave birth this time to fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. All three babies and the mother are fine and healthy.

Dr. Sheila Poddar, a gynecologist at Ad-Din hospital in Dhaka, said doctors at another hospital did not notice anything unusual when Arifa Sultana gave birth to a healthy baby boy in late February.

Sultana was admitted to Ad-Din hospital with lower abdominal pain just under a month later and doctors discovered she was pregnant with twins that were conceived and grown in a separate uterus than her first baby. …

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Amazing. As if one wasn’t difficult enough, or so I hear. Glad it all turned out well. Here’s hoping they find no more surprise pregnant uteruses. I found no cases of “triple uterus” in a quick search, so odds are good that what’s done is done.

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