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Top 50 Web Sites in the World, What Are They?

The Internet is a somewhat self-aware entity. If you ask the right questions in the right places, you can learn much. Did you know most sites on the Internet have a popularity rank compared to all others? Google.com is number one with 81 Billion visits right now. This article shows the ranks we found today and has links to see what the current top 5,000 web sites in the world are in terms of total traffic. Other links below will let you check your own web site’s global page rank.

This snapshot is below has already changed two weeks later, so the ranks shuffle a lot. The first five are the same, but Yandex.ru has taken 6th place away from twitter.com as of Feb 6, 2020.

Site Rank

Page rank is how likely web pages are to appear at the top of search engine results. Site rank is similar, a score showing how your web site performs against others on web search engines based on traffic analysis available to Google and others. You can see the 5,000 top ranked web sites in the world currently on SEMRush at this link (you may need to create a free account.) Parental guidance, ad blockers, script blockers and browsing in Private mode are recommended. They have tons of ads and several are adult sites. If your web site is any of the top 5,000 in the world, congratulations! If you want to get your site on the list, the current site to beat, at position 5,000 as of this writing is windfinder.com, a great looking and useful site weather map site.

Below are the best free page rank checking web sites. Many you will see in search engines are outdated, no longer maintained, or are otherwise unhelpful, but these below are the best working sites for checking your own web site’s rank as of January 2020:

Similar Web

The True Strange News site uses posts I’ve written going back 20+ years, but this exact web site name is only about 6 months old. Here is my current rank for all web sites in the world and also in the USA where this web site is based: This site is currently number 3,257,243 in the world and 980,767 in the USA. There are 980,766 web sites that are ranked better, but hey, the green arrow means I’m moving up. The snapshot of my page rank comes from Similar web and states that it is a December 2019 overview. Well, it is nearing the end of January 2020 so perhaps this SimilarWeb stat updates once per month?  Click the image to see if they have updated my site, and to check your own, visit https://www.similarweb.com/


Another site to try if you want to see your web site’s global rank is Alexa. According to Alexa this site’s overall rank in the world is lower than Similar Web’s statistic, True Strange News is number 4,168,800 globally. Amusingly dismal.  Click the image to see if this site has gone up or down from this figure checked on January 21, 2020. To check your own site on Alexa, go here: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/

Alexa Rank
TrueStrangeNews.com page rank on Jan 21, 2020

You can say that popularity is unimportant, and in many ways it certainly is, but businesses need customers and we can also learn a lot by taking a look at what’s currently popular among other humans.

Brief Descriptions of the 50 Most Popular Web Sites in the World

The 5,000 most popular web sites in the world paint an interesting picture of humanity and if aliens visited the earth and wanted to know what we are all about, they might check SEMRush to get one kind of a picture. If you don’t have time to go through all 5,000, here is my quick summary of what each of the top 50 sites right now actually are or what they do. There is one thing that certainly surprised me in going through this exercise.

  1. Google.com – World’s biggest and most used search engine
  2. YouTube.com – World’s largest video posting, searching and watching site.
  3. Facebook.com – World’s largest social media platform. Sort of blogging for non-techies.
  4. Ampproject.org – Collects and serves up mobile versions of web pages for Google search results.
  5. Wikipedia.org – Open source Internet encyclopedia, a huge human knowledge base.
  6. Twitter.com – Quick character limited instant sharing social media platform.
  7. Yahoo.com – Search engine, news and web services.
  8. Vk.com – The largest European social network with more than 100 million active users.
  9. Instagram.com – Social media platform for sharing images, short videos and live broadcasts.
  10. Pornhub.com – The leading online adult platform with pornographic videos and pictures.
  11. Googleadservices.com – Used by Google for AdWords ads, few go there on purpose.
  12. Doubleclick.net – A Google owned service putting unwanted ads on iPhone and other devices.
  13. T.co – The Twitter link shortening service. Used by Twitter for all links posted as Tweets.
  14. Amazon.com – The world’s largest online shopping and shipping site.
  15. Xvideos.com – The world’s second largest adult video sharing and viewing website.
  16. Live.com – Services from Microsoft including the Bing search engine and Outlook email.
  17. Reddit.com – Social sharing platform where new users are limited until they earn points.
  18. Yandex.ru – Over 70 different services for Russia
  19. Blogspot.com – A platform to publish a free blog under a sub domain “example.blogspot.com”
  20. Mail.ru – A Russian web portal that started as email. Beware of spam there.
  21. Hurriyet.com – Hürriyet is one of the major Turkish newspapers, founded in 1948
  22. Ok.ruA social network service for classmates and old friends used mostly in Russia.
  23. Sozcu.com.tr – A popular Turkish daily newspaper.
  24. Xnxx.com – The third most popular adult web site hosting adult videos.
  25. Netflix.com – A movie streaming service that offers movies, TV shows and more.
  26. Whatsapp.com – Messaging system with end-to-end encryption.
  27. Twitch.tv – An Amazon owned live streaming platform used mainly by video game players.
  28. Naver.comA South Korean search engine with music and video search and an encyclopedia.
  29. Sabah.com.tra Turkish daily newspaper.
  30. XHamster.com – The current fourth most popular adult web site hosting adult videos.
  31. Yahoo.co.jp – A web portal is the most visited website in Japan.
  32. Eksisozluk.com – A  collaborative hypertext “dictionary” and popular Turkish online community.
  33. Mynet.com – A Turkish news web site. (Turkey, world’s 19th most populated country. Huh.)
  34. Google.com.tr – Google for Turkish users… who must live on the Internet 24/7.
  35. Office.com – Microsoft’s productivity suite web site, word processor, spreadsheet, etc.
  36. Microsoftonline.comMicrosoft’s hosted-software offering.
  37. Sahibinden.com – A Turkish online classifieds and shopping platform for houses, cars and more.
  38. Aliexpress.comAn online retail service based in China.
  39. Taboola.com – Deep Learning, AI powered NY private ad company, “Recommened for You” ads.
  40. N11.com – A Turkish online shopping web site.
  41. Wp.pl – Wirtualna Polska is Poland’s first web portal with news, email, videos, tv, online shopping.
  42. Haber7.com – Turkish and world news.
  43. Globo.com – a Brazilian free-to-air television network with music, videos, sports, movies, news.
  44.  Ebay.com – On-line buying and selling community.
  45.  Msn.com – Web portal, services and apps for Windows and mobile devices.
  46.  Stackoverflow.comA question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers
  47.  Trendyol.comA mobile commerce company in Turkey and in the MENA region.
  48.  Internethaber.com – A Turkish news aggregator, latest world news and sports, science, tech, etc.
  49.  Microsoft.com – Home page of world’s leading computer software company.
  50. Fandom.com – Site for fans of certain sports, movies, bands, hobbies, books, etc.

What’s up with Turkey having so many of the world’s most popular news web sites at this time?  It may be due to recent world events and regional conflict there. By the time you visit this web site, or perhaps in a month or so, the world’s top 50 web sites as told by SEMRush here may be different.


What is the lowest ranked web site on the Internet?

We couldn’t find an answer to this question and it sort of makes sense that the answer doesn’t exist. For one, a bit like a quantum phenomenon, it changes if you look at it. If you clicked on the lowest ranked site to visit it, you would then change its page rank and it would no longer be the lowest ranked web site on the Internet.

Still, the total number of web sites at this moment give you an idea of the lowest possible rank. There are currently over 1.7 billion web sites:  1, 744,031,850 web sites. This number increases by several per second, so by the time you see this, it will be more. See https://www.internetlivestats.com/

The constantly increasing number of sites is another clue as to the lowest ranked website. With a constant flow of new web sites being registered, any given web site is always getting bumped up to no longer be the newest site on the web.

Ranking in the top 5 million web sites (at position 4,168,800 currently for https://TrueStrangeNews.com) isn’t bad after all, since there are 1.7 billion other web sites to choose from.

Are there any web sites with zero visitors?

Just setting a web site up causes some traffic to it, but yes. When you first create a web site, if you do it with automation and in the right way, you could have zero traffic, a site that exists, but has never been visited by any web browser or web crawler. The server is sitting there waiting to give the web site, but it never has. The number of such sites that may exist is unknown.

How do you improve your page rank?

Good question. Age of the site, quality of content, quality of links to your site from others, speed of the web site, good grammar, ratio of code to text, not spamming, having a business profile, having a privacy policy, and many other factors play a part, but that’s a topic for another day.


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