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Top Views this Week + Google Popularity?

Because some find it interesting, you can now see what is trending for True Strange News at any time on both the very top bar and on the left side menu on the home page. This changes daily as people (or bots?) browse and share different things.

This peaceful space-interested odd news blog has had little impact, as far as I know. I’m no “influencer” and True Strange News is not at all popular on Google searches as of this month, but I do still enjoy sharing interesting odd stuff and hope (millions of) others will enjoy browsing these discoveries and observations.

Below is a look at what people were most viewing back in August of 2019. Mostly the all black chicken and eggs and the idea that C3PO has a silver leg but no one noticed. These are both still getting visits 6 months later. Also an artwork that looks like there was an ancient atom bomb (but was just modern art), and the claim of an “anti-gravity” flying platform powered by bug wings (doubtful) and a few others.

Most of those views, from when this site was on, may be robots and crawlers that catalog the web constantly.

Back in August of 2019, I wrote, “I’m small potatoes and I’d like to stay that way, thanks. I get email requests about getting this site on the front page of Google searches, etc. but I don’t care about having a popular web site. I’m not selling anything, so I’m glad to have a site that is obscure and has only a few real viewers.”

I got my wish. Small site. Only a few real viewers. Cool. Thanks, Universe.

Well, what about now? I still don’t personally want fame. I’d like a long peaceful happy life with lots of interesting (but not bad) stuff, and… if the Universe agrees, starting in January 2020, I’d like to get this site on the charts as a good site to check out, and as a unique way to eventually share my original music.

Therefore, I’ve been tuning things up, trying to figure out why my web traffic is so low for such an interesting (I think) site. Still no plans for advertisements on True Strange News at this point, other than, eventually, for Xeno’s 100 song collection, if and when I get the music done.

It may be fun to get famous for my music without knowing it, like Sixto Rodriguez?


I hope you are well!


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