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Try this: Do a Google Search for “True Strange News” and see if you find this site. You probably won’t. We think you should. It’s up to Google. Earlier this evening we had totally vanished. Now we are back on page 4. Next day, completely gone again.

At one point if you owned a domain name like a Google Search for “True Strange News” would return your site as the number one hit. What eventually shows up is our Facebook page with links back to this site, and never our main web page. This is a clear sign of a Google Penalty.

Also, we do still show up as number one for our “brand” on the great privacy search engine that we highly recommend, but not on at this time.

Google searches still drives most traffic on the Internet these days, so they have a huge say in any site’s web traffic. Google’s search engine is the number one web site in the world, so like it or not, what Google thinks about your site matters.

As to our interest, the worlds best True Strange News, the current top 10 sites according to Google are:

1)  Ripleys,  – Okay, sure, they are epic for strange news, well deserved.
2) – Huh? News like “Where Does The Term ‘Gubernatorial’ Come From?” doesn’t really seem very strange to us, but whatever, Google.
3) – Yes, they find great stuff.
4) Huffingtonpost – Pretty good. Hit and miss. We don’t find “Profound Shower Thoughts on Reddit” to be true strange news, though.
5) Foxnews – Sure, some interesting items.
6) UPI – Always worth a visit, great strange news articles here.
7) Reuters – Interesting selection, worth a visit.
8) – Strange, sometimes more racy than the others above. A times I find something good here.
9) NYPost – Sometimes gross, but I find a few things here.
10) CBSNews – Rarely posts, but occasionally good stuff.

Despite Google’s system causing this site to mostly disappear from the Internet, loyal viewers keep coming back and here is what they have been finding of interest on this site:

Top Views for True Strange

Because some find it interesting, you can now see what is trending for True Strange News at any time on both the very top bar and on the left side menu on the home page. This changes daily as people (or bots?) browse and share different things.

Below is a look at what people were most viewing back in August of 2019. Mostly the all black chicken and eggs and the idea that C3PO has a silver leg but no one noticed. These are both still getting visits 6 months later. Also an artwork that looks like there was an ancient atom bomb (but was just modern art), and the claim of an “anti-gravity” flying platform powered by bug wings (doubtful) and a few others.

Most of those views, from when this site was on, may be robots and crawlers that catalog the web constantly.

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