Topanga Canyon UFO

My boyfriend and I were on our balcony when I looked up and noticed a stationary object in the sky. We live east of Los Angeles where we have been among many to see UFO’s of the San Gabriel Mountains. This is our fifth sighting this year but this is the first one we have on tape… and during the day. We noticed that it had it’s own light source and was very still for a few minutes and then eventually coasted away. It is not a balloon or anything I have seen before. Red and white orbs zig zagging through the sky at night have been the what we’ve seen… until this. It was around 3pm and appeared to look like a sperm. … – Frankwarren

This is a second video of the same sighting. This UFO just seems to blow around in the wind, right? I’m guessing a Chinese lantern with a tail attached:

It’s fun to guess,¬† but this is just a guess.

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I see the flame and the bag does look sort of like a Chinese lantern but not exactly. It looks… Read more »

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