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Transparent Tissue the Answer to Bigfoot Vanishing?

This idea caught my attention because I had someone write to me to say she has seen a Bigfoot that was only partially visible, and not just because trees were in the way. She was certain she saw part of a bigfoot and thought that whatever it was was able to move between dimensions (More alien than lost ape). A creature with the ability to turn itself transparent as a form of camoflague may be an explanation regarding her experience of a moving bigfoot that was invisible from the waist down. I once heard a comedian say, “Maybe Bigfoot just IS blurry.” Perhaps this joke is funny because it is true. Thanks to Pearl Jo.


“…scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a way of turning rat and hamster skin transparent.”

…Photosynthetic Piezoelectric Induced Transparency (PPIT). PPIT is very similar to electromagnetically induced transparency except that this may be a natural occurring event, with the right external forces. As in the Texas scientists who are working toward the Invisible Man, we see many possibilities coming to light. Invisible beings may be a very real possibility via PPIT.

Team of 20 physicists from four institutions has literally made something from nothing, creating particles of matter from ordinary light for the first time. Click here to go to Source

Something from nothing and nothing from something, going from matter to energy, that is the point here. A very plausible explanation of how Bigfoot is ?disappearing.? In reality he may be just altering his cells light refractive properties, via PPIT.”

Watch out for the invisible bigfoot.

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Max Squatch
Max Squatch

A Fresh New Perspective Bigfoot… Seriously, what is wrong about them? Other than Man, who is now technologically advanced, Bigfoot does not have and never has had any known enemies or predators. So why all the stealth, secrecy, and elusiveness? Why do they need these attributes now, and never needed them in the past? If they are real, they didn’t evolve here. They had to have evolved where their species were common prey — a place where predators were ferociously larger, faster, and more intelligent than they are. Another possibility is that aliens could be messing with our heads. A… Read more »

Pearl Jo

Here is a link to my new site.


Pearl Jo

Here is a brief explanation of how PPIT may work. I do hope you enjoy this research.

Ms. Pearl J Prihoda

Pearl Jo

I have just finished writing a condensed explanation of PPIT . I do hope that most find this easy to read and easy to understand. After reading this if you a have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I will try to answer what questions I can or maybe point you on a direction that will aid you in finding the answers for yourself.

Ms. Pearl Jo Prihoda

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