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Tree Growing Through a Car in France?

How is a tree apparently growing through a car somewhere in France? YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media now have many videos from different people of this strange event.

On the outskirts of the city of Nantes in Western France, people gather around a tree which seems to have grown up through a parked car. Is it a glitch in the matrix? The result of a local time vortex? Witchcraft of the highest order? A sign from aliens?

This is suspected to be an art installation a theatre group in the area which is known for its logic-defying street art. Royal de Luxe is, according to Wikipedia, a French mechanical marionette street theatre company.

How was it done? Some speculate that the bottom and top of the car are pre-pierced and from the side two cuts were made just big enough for a tree to slide through. The cuts, hidden by the rubber roof sill on top, are further hidden by the closed door. They would have to have cut the driver’s seat in the same fashion, leaving enough room for a tree trunk hole. They bring the secretly openable car to the tree, wrap it around, then fashion back together. They did a nice job of hiding the seams, especially if you don’t know where to look.

Humans love to freak each other out, sometimes with no other purpose. According to one psychologist with an interest in magic, a good trick stimulates the same parts of the brain that responds to rollercoasters or scary movies. We like an opportunity to be scared safely and anyone who can really surprise us clearly knows things we do not.

In a way, its a shame to give away any trick, as removing the freakout is a let down, which is partly why magicians have a code prohibiting this. On the other hand, if too many people get too superstitious, you can get terrible results, so keeping enough people in a population reasonably rational is also a valuable service. At the end of the day, we may reveal a few small tricks, but let people continue to have fun with the bigger ones.

For example, how do you levitate a person surrounded by a ring of spectators? This has been done. If you know how this was done, shhh. 🤫 Even in the crowd, if you figure it out, it can be fun to play along and react with great surprise.

With regard to the tree and the car, don’t you want to see some lady who is apparently the owner of the vehicle come out to get in her car and react to seeing the impossible tree? That would be great street theatre!

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