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TV Reporter Infiltrates Raelian sect

“Among the more peculiar beliefs is that man was created in laboratories by extra-terrestrials. Rael sees himself as their last prophet, while also defending human cloning and sexuality which knows no bounds.

raelRael is surrounded by his “angels,” a “harem of 30 to 40 very pretty young women who have sworn in writing never to spurn his advances and to protect him, with their lives if necessary, from all kinds of aggression,”

… During the day they get you to caress each other and to make love in the evening. Many are seduced by it all. The most bizarre thing is that almost all of them really believe in this stories of extra-terrestrials,” she adds.” – rnb

“The Raelians’ interest in cloning seems to stem from their belief that the human soul perishes when the body dies.

Therefore, they believe, the key to eternal life is not the soul but the recreation of individuals from their DNA.

In 1997, the group founded Clonaid, which now says it has cloned a human being. In 1990, the Raelians changed their symbol, originally a Swastika inside a Star of David.” – apo


“Raelian sect followers Nadine Gary, left, Pascale Mielete, and Florence Loudoyer pray and hold hands after disrobing on the grounds of the federal building in the Westwood section of Los Angeles Saturday, March 8, 2003. The women encouraging others to do the same as a sign of their opposition to war. “

Thou shalt not spurn the leader’s advances? The disrobing in public to oppose war is not an orginary a part of being a Raelian, as I understand it, but then again, I really don’t understand it.

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The Raelian philosophy is beautiful. Rael is a wonderful insightful man who radiates love and speaks the Truth. We are all so lucky to have him here on earth as our Prophet and Guide of Guides. He is helping to bring Humanity to a higher level of consciousness. You can find out more about Raelian philosophy and the beautiful message given to Rael at these web sites. Hope you enjoy……
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