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U.S. begins flying deportees to Mexico City

U.S. immigration authorities have begun flying deportees deep into Mexico in an effort to discourage them from trying to return.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the first of twice-weekly flights from El Paso, Texas, to Mexico City left Thursday with 133 deportees aboard, all men.

ICE spokeswoman Nicole Navas says the flights will accommodate up to 136 men and women but no children. Deportees fly from throughout the United States to Chaparral, N.M., for a short bus ride to El Paso.

The flights are not voluntary, unlike a previous program to deport Mexicans arrested by the Border Patrol during Arizona’s deadly summer heat.

Under a two-month trial last year, more than 2,300 Mexicans returned on 18 flights. The U.S. and Mexico agreed in April to make the arrangement permanent.

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In 2013, with Tijuana (a city right on the border in California) to Mexico City being 1,815 miles, A flight from Mexico City to Tijuana takes 3.5 hrs and costs $300 to $550 depending on the deal you can get. Let’s say $400 which is $5129.88 (Mexican pesos). If€  you could get a job and the daily minimum wage in Mexico is 54.47 pesos (depends on which of the three zones you are in), it would take you 95 days to save enough to get close to the USA again … if you didn’t have to pay for food, a place to sleep, travel, clothes, medical expenses, etc. If you could save only 10 pesos a day, on the other hand, it would only take you a year and a half to save enough for a flight. Can a person live on 44.47 pesos a day in Mexico City? Not very well. A small apartment is 3000 pesos per month (100 pesos per day) for one person, food might be 2000 pesos per month, etc. In other words, getting dropped in Mexico City, unless you can contact rich relatives or rob a bank, would probably keep you from trying to get to the US again for a few years. These are just my guesses. Currently, Mexico City has a massive population of 19.5 million people. For comparison, the population of the entire state of California is about 38 million.

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