Vashon Island: Lost Bicycle Swallowed By Tree

Some strangeness for the day: a famous “Bicycle Eaten by A Tree” found right off of the Vashon Highway on Vashon Island, Washington.

Voracious fir tree has slowly absorbed a bicycle leaned against it. Local sheriff Don Puz says it was his bike, and he abandoned it in 1954 or 1955 — but no one really knows. …

These were taken before the year 2014:

Morons from the Year 2014 have stripped the bicycle to a few barely visible parts, inflicting far more damage in one year than the tree has in a half-century. The local Chamber of Commerce and business owners have vowed to find vintage bicycle parts to replace those that have literally been ripped off. They are also considering building a fence so that visitors can no longer get close enough to the bicycle to destroy it.
via RoadsideAmerica

Here it what you could see after the theft.

Not quite the same, but still strange to see.

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