Vast Glowing Wall at the Edge of Our Solar System

Today on our continuing tour of this true strange universe, an amazing huge feature in space: there is new evidence from NASA of a vast glowing wall of hydrogen at the outer boundary of our planetary system. That hydrogen wall is the outer boundary of our home system, the place where our sun’s bubble of solar wind ends and where a mass of interstellar matter too small to bust through that wind builds up, pressing inward.

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There’s a “hydrogen wall” at the edge of our solar system, and NASA scientists think their New Horizons spacecraft can see it. –


Passing by the last dwarf planet, asteroids and comets, the probe saw a massive wall of hydrogen that surrounded the solar system. The observation can be seen in the ultraviolet light resulted from a hydrogen wall that envelops the solar system, making it look from outer space like an egg. This wall appears like a shell. – GreatLakesL


As it speeds away from the Sun, the New Horizons mission may be approaching a “wall.” The New Horizons spacecraft, now at a distance nearly four billion miles from Earth and already far beyond Pluto, has measured what appears to be a signature of the furthest reaches of the Sun’s energy—a wall of hydrogen. It nearly matches the same measurement made by the Voyager mission 30 years ago, and offers more information as to the furthest limits of our Sun’s reach. – Gizmodo

It will be interesting to see what more the New Horizons spacecraft will show us. See the NASA New Horizons gallery for some out of this world photographs of Pluto and more.


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