Vets save NYC dog who swallowed 111 pennies

The 13-year-old pooch’s owner rushed him to a Manhattan veterinarian for emergency surgery.

That’s when dog doctors put Jack under anesthesia and methodically removed all 111 coins. The zinc from the coins could be lethal.

The dog’s owner told the newspaper his best friend is back to his normal self, driving him crazy.

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The beloved pet pooch inhaled a mini-mint of 111 pennies behind its Manhattan owner’s back, and veterinarians had to rescue the ailing dog after its sudden change in diet.

Doctors at BluePearl Veterinary Partners, working methodically on 13-year-old Jack, removed all the coins from the penny-popping pooch’s insides during a two-hour operation.

The coins were fished out five at a time, said Jack’s owner, Tim Kelleher.

via NYDailyNews

The zinc in pennies can be deadly for dogs so the surgery was important. Glad he made it.


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Wonder whether it was the pennies or the bagel that made him sick? (smile)

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