(Video) A Fox Found Sleeping in a London Kitchen

Highly unlikely things happen occasionally in most of our lives, but not many will ever wake up to this: A fox was discovered sleeping on top of the microwave oven of a London family on December 15th. It most likely squeezed in through a cat flap. An Inspector from the RSPCA, the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, responded to the home and took the fox to an animal hospital for a check up. It was then quickly released back to the area where it was found.

A London family called animal rescuers when they came down for breakfast and discovered a fox sleeping on their microwave.

he was released back to the area he was found in by one of the hospital staff. Good luck Mr. Fox!” a hospital representative said.

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… Kim Fryer and her daughter discovered the fox curled up on their microwave in Mitcham, south west London. Ms Fryer thinks the animal came in through the cat flap during the night. A couple of plants are smashed and soil is spilled on the kitchen counters but the fox is very calm in the short clip, and only opens his eye when the light is turned on. …

Via YouTube

Here’s another video of a London fox getting some sleep, Nov 27, 2017, this time in a shed:

And another sleeping fox in West London on a lawn chair in May, 2017. We might guess from these three examples that foxes like to be off the ground a few feet when they sleep.

In the video of the fox found sleeping on the microwave oven in London, some discussion can be heard about keeping the fox as a pet. It was a surprise to me that there is actually a specially bred line of domesticated foxes from an almost 60-year-long experiment Russian experiment.

This successful attempt to selectively breed human-friendly foxes demonstrates how, over time, most domesticated dogs we know today “evolved from wild grey wolves.” Except that our familiar dogs did not come from grey wolves exactly, according to genetic evidence.

New genetic research seemingly overturns the long-held notion that dogs evolved from the gray wolf.

A study in the current issue of PLoS Genetics suggests that, instead, dogs and gray wolves share a common ancestor in an extinct wolf lineage that lived thousands of years ago. 

An international team of researchers generated genome sequences from three gray wolves – one each from China, Croatia, and Israel, the three countries where dogs are believed to have originated. They then sequenced the genome of a basenji dog from central Africa and a dingo from Australia. Both the regions have been historically isolated from wolf populations, according to a press release by The University of Chicago Medical Center

… There does exist some amount of genetic overlap between some modern dogs and wolves. But this is thought to be the result of interbreeding after dogs were domesticated, not a direct line of descent from one group of wolves, according to the press release. 

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May your own unexpected events be good ones as we finish up this year 2018.

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That’s different! Wanted a snooze somewhere warm. Glad it was OK taken back to its home grounds.

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