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Video: A Mutant Wookie Goat in India

Have you met the Wookie Goat? Nature has just shown us something remarkable in the Rajasthan district of India: A few DNA mutations in the right places will result in a hu-goat, a goat with a human-like face, or as we prefer to call him, a Wookie Goat. Be kind, as we are all, after all, mutants over the long span of life on earth.

In the village of “Nimodia,” a mutant goat is being worshiped like a god after being born with an eerie-looking human face.

the unfortunate-looking creature will be “worshiped as an avatar of god.”

Video here:

The condition cited by the owner, Mukeshji Prajapap, was cyclopia, but it is more correctly a milder form of holoprosencephaly than cyclopia because this goat obviously has two goat eyes.

For the general biology explanation, see our previous article about a “monkey-faced pig” born with a mutation that gives it a similar unusual look.

You can no doubt see the similarity.

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For those new to biology, all animals look the way they do due to their DNA blueprints. Both similarities and differences in appearance are due do the shared but branching evolutionary history of life on earth. This includes us. This hu-goat could certainly make many people frightened if they do not understand how biology works.

There it is right there, staring us in the face: a few mutations can dramatically change the way an animal looks, making it look much closer to another animal. Over time, some of these changes give an advantage or at least give no overall disadvantages in terms of reproduction. If they get passed on, the species changes.

Some evolution deniers really hate certain biological events, such as when humans are born with “tails” (it happens), or when this goat with a human looking face appears, but try this on if it bothers you: think of DNA as just the way the creator works.

A shift in thinking is needed. There is not a “correct” form for any animal, only a current form. This may stay the same for millions of years, or it may change dramatically, even branching into new creatures.

One reason this is important to know and accept is because if we were to meet ourselves from a million years in the future, we may not recognize our future descendants as humans. They may look decidedly … alien. 👽

Anyway, this goat looks pretty cool to us. We are glad that he will be treated with respect (worshipped as a god) as his survival chances are limited due to potential eating and breathing problems.

What would you name this hu-goat from Rajasthan?

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