(Video) A “Teleporting” Child on BBC News

A child recently appeared to materialize in a BBC news video, prompting many humorous comments on social media.

BBC viewers were left puzzled this week when a child appeared to teleport into a news report. Twitter user @realTewkesburyBC shared video of the bizarre incident online Wednesday…

Here are a few stills. The child appears in a few frames walking and holding the hand of an adult.


Just a video edit, most likely, but it is fun to speculate that this is anti-photobomb software at work. Removing and adding people in live videos has been possible for years, or so I’ve read. Such a technology may provide a safety net during live news filming so anyone walking into the frame is replaced by the solid background.

Better explanations welcome.

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Rev. LJ
Rev. LJ

It kinda looks like the video was edited the way the whole phrame jumps a little. They must have cut… Read more »

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