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Video: Battle of the Oranges, 2019 in Ivrea, Italy.

The best strange news I’ve seen for today, March 4, 2019 is the Battle of the Oranges. Imagine if you decided to travel to Italy not knowing much about the country and happened to show up between March 3rd to the 5th in the city of Ivrea. What you would see would seem pretty crazy: a massive costumed fruit fight. Ah, so that’s Italy… odd country, but they do seem to have fun. What’s really going on? Here are some details:

The Battle of the Oranges (Carnevale di Ivrea) is one of the craziest and most widely-anticipated festivals in Italy. The medieval tradition, which was established in 1808, is a three-day long festival that takes place just before the equally incredible Mardi Gras and is considered one of the craziest food fight festivals around. Over 100,000 spectators travel to Ivrea to witness and join in this exciting carnival yearly…. It is composed of squads where the orange throwers, known as the aranceri (who represent the people) defend the piazzas by tossing the citrus fruits (which represent arrows) from the carts (which represent the Napoleonic troops); creating one of the most unusual carnivals in the world.  … More: Youtube

Huge crowds turned out in the northern Italian city of Ivrea on Sunday to mark the annual “Battle of the Oranges,” a time-honoured fruit-throwing skirmish. The event, dating back to Medieval times, sees teams dressed up in brightly coloured medieval costumes take part in a fierce orange-throwing fight that leaves the cobbled streets covered in a carpet of orange pulp. Every year some 500 tonnes of oranges are shipped from Sicily to the Piedmont region to provide weapons to the fruit-flinging warriors. For more info, please go to

Each year some 100,000 attend the Historical Carnival of Ivrea; the battle itself is free to watch. It’s recommended to stay away from the square courtyards if you want to stay clean and safe – people do get orange bruises each year. However, if you want to venture into the fray and enter the square, wear a red hat, to signify you are a friend of the rebellious peasants, who should not, at least theoretically, cast any oranges at you. However, many spectator has been known to become a victim of friendly fire in the general mayhem. More:  TravelBegins
Have you been to this? If so leave a comment and let us know what it was like.
Runner up for today’s true strange news award: A world record 14 hour Old Spice Commercial. (3 minute video sample here). This would probably cause brain damage if you watched for more than a few minutes, so be careful. It is officially the longest commercial in history.

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