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Video: Bighorn sheep breaks window. Know why?

sheepattackWatch this video of a bighorn sheep breaking a glass window. It looks like a case of mischievous vandalism. What’s going on?

Christian Addie said he was on his lunch break Tuesday afternoon when he decided to film a small group of bighorn sheep wandering the streets of Glenwood Springs.

Addie, who posted his video to YouTube, said the ram might have become territorial when it spotted its own reflection in the glass door to Blue Sky Adventures, a business in the Hotel Colorado building.

“He bumped the window a couple of times,” Addie told The Daily Sentinel newspaper.

Addie said the ram then suddenly smashed the window with a hard hit from its horns before running away with its comrades.

Geoffrey Olson, a partner in Blue Sky Adventures, said the business is closed for the season, so no one was inside at the time of the incident. He said the sheep damage is just a part of living near wildlife.

Attacking your own reflection is not that unusual in the animal kingdom. Humans do it all the time. Here are some non-human reactions to a mirror in the wild.

The silverback’s reaction is pretty interesting. You can see how they don’t look each other in the eye, so when he sees himself, he looks away and then slams the ground aggressively.


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