A cat in Bogota, Columbia has seemingly saved a baby from falling down some “steep stairs” in an office. See the video below.

The surprising save of Samuel Leon by the Siamese cat Gatubela was captured by a security camera video on October 31st, 2019. It is posted with the name “DLore Alvarez” on YouTube by Cater Clips and has 3.9 million views.

The cat, seemingly sensing a potential disaster, ran and pounced on the crawling toddler, first trying to pick Samuel up by the neck as it would instinctively to carry a kitten away from harm, then instead redirecting the boy, pushing him back from the “12 step stairwell” and subsequently staying between the baby and the stairs.

Take good care of Gatubela. The root “gato” is the word for “cat” in Spanish, and “bela” is the word “beautiful” in Portuguese. The word “gatu” is also the word for “street” in Swedish.

A common comment on social media asked where the parent was in this event. What parent leaves a toddler in a room with an open door to a steep stairwell? The “steep stairs” in this video are claimed, but are not shown.

True Strange News cannot confirm that this is exactly as purported, therefore, but there is an open door visible where the stairs may be.

Another account published a video with the following image of the stairs not shown in the video:

That account, which called the baby a “she” and said the baby had escaped the crib was deleted seconds after True Strange News got the above screen grab. Interesting.

Be very wary of any information from any social media profile with the word “viral” in it, plus any similar accounts. It appears that platforms like YouTube have created a fierce war with advertising rewards, the result being an endless river of false information from people all over the world who will say anything to get those views which may translate into cash.

This story has been shared by MailOnline and DidYouKnowFacts.

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