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Video: Direction-Changing Fireball Above Los Angeles

Here’s a recent strange event. The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted a video of a fiery streak in the Wednesday (March 20, 2019) evening sky which people reported and the LAPD reassured the public that it was “just a film shoot” and nothing to be concerned about.

It looked very much like a fiery meteor crash landing in Downtown Los Angeles or maybe space debris or an alien invasion  … Apparently it was the work of the Red Bull Air Force’s team of skydivers, wearing wingsuits fitted with LED lights and pyrotechnics, reported the Los Angeles Times. Jumping from a helicopter 4,000 feet above L.A., they flew one mile before pulling their parachutes at 1,000 feet, the newspaper reported. The captivating stunt was the energy drink’s celebration of the final super moon of the year. Reactions on planet Earth ranged from amused, to alarmed to paranoid to irritated. …
A pair of wingsuit flyers sponsored by Red Bull lit up the skies over Los Angeles at twilight Wednesday.  The wingsuits left a trail of flames over the downtown L.A. skyline.  … On Twitter, some people reported seeing what they thought was a meteor or even a UFO.  But closeup video showed two people in wingsuits trailing sparks behind them in the air.
Read more at ABC7

Video, Original Footage | Credit: Celeste Perez

A meteor would be extremely unlikely to change direction as this fireball is seen to do in the video. In this one below it changes direction to a more shallow angle:

It’s a good explanation. I believe it, but in a city that size, I’m puzzled by the lack of a video showing the stunt people landing. Perhaps one will surface. I’ll add it here if so, or if you find it, feel free to post the YouTube URL into a comment.
Upate: Found this:

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