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(Video) Monkey Steals License Plate

Today’s strange news award goes to a monkey stealing a front license plate from a parked car in Malaysia. Owing to a relatively small population of wild monkeys in the USA, not many people have had this particular problem here. Unbeknownst to the thief, even though he was quick about it, one or more people watching with cameras got clear video of the crime.

A surprised witness in a Malaysian parking lot captured video of the moment a thieving monkey stole the license plate from the front of a car.

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The video, recorded Thursday, shows the small monkey pulling on the loose license plate at the front of a parked car while being filmed by the onlooker.

The monkey eventually pulls the plate free and climbs to the roof of the car to inspect its prize.

“I was having tea time with my friend and I saw a bunch of monkeys walking and jumping around at the car park area,” the filmer wrote. “When I saw one of the monkeys trying to destroy a car’s license plate, I quickly took out my phone to record it.”

Via WorldTimes

We may never know the purpose of this plate pilfering or what the thief was planning with his prize. Perhaps his monkey name was “Vas”? My guess: he was being helpful by alerting the owner to be more careful with … attachments.

Would a proximity alarm have helped?

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