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(Video) Spinning Ice Disk in Maine

I’m just sitting here watching the ice go round and round. A Presumpscot River, cold. No longer spinning but t’was big and quite round. To the side bank it is now froze. I just have to let it go.

A curious formation that’s getting attention in Greater Portland is actually a spinning ice disk that is roughly 100 yards (91 meters) wide.
The formation in the Presumpscot River was widely shared on social media and has drawn comparisons to an alien spacecraft, a carousel and the moon.
The oddity drew a crowd that stood mesmerized by the slow-turning disk Tuesday afternoon in Westbrook.
Via TheRepu

Maine’s giant spinning ice disk that quickly gained international fame seems to have met its end.

The formation in the Presumpscot River in Greater Portland stopped rotating Wednesday, two days after a video of its mesmerizing movement was widely shared on social media.

The roughly 100-yard (91-meter) wide disk is lodged against the river’s edge, preventing it from moving.


Here are a few more ice disks:

This one is man made:

As man-made global warming fights off the next ice age, we will see even more of these cool ice circles, but will any ever top the size of this latest newsmaker in Maine?

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