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Videos: Humans with Jetpacks Race Against Cars

That fastest jet pack is not very fast as far as I know, but two different videos (with amazingly few views on YouTube) show humans wearing jet packs racing against cars. Neither video shows the outcome of the race, but this is not a fluke: These are two different jet packs.


Here’s another titled “Man In Jet Pack Drag Races Muscle Car”

It is impressive that something as non aerodynamic as a human body can fly with a jet pack. The speed record for a jet pack? Around 32 miles per hour, at least it was a few years ago in 2017:

Browning successfully flew his Daedalus suit at a record speed of speed of 51.53 km/h (32.02 mph) on his third attempt above the Lagoona Park in Reading, England. Despite mistiming a turn and dropping into the lake a little while later, Browning still managed to set a new world record for fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit. (Source)

If you have a few million dollars to spare, stop playing around with jet packs and get a Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet, one of the smallest personal jet aircraft you can own. It has a cruising speed of 345 mph.  Here’s what it would be like to have one of these:

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