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What Is This 275 Foot Black Shape in Antarctica? (Vote Results)

New: Added video that shows a bit more including zooming out to see the location of this strange object that you can see on Google Earth in Antarctica, reportedly at these coordinates: 72°35’13.0″S, 31°19’09.0″E

It was probably found by others as well, but it was reported by Elizabeth to MrMBB333 who examined it Dec 4, 2019 on YouTube, the object remains unidentified in 2020.

For reference: the 275 foot length (from top to bottom in the top photo) does not rule it out as a human aircraft, although the strange shape clearly does. One of the largest human aircraft by wingspan, the Stratolaunch, first shown on 1 June 2017, had a wingspan of 385 ft (117 m) according to Wikipedia.

Are the black areas something solid or shadows?

Comments on YouTube included a very wide range of speculation. I found the variety of answers interesting  so I put them into a poll. Vote for the ones you like the most and we will see what wins over time.

From 160 mostly different answers from YouTube, the winners were:

  • Ancient architecture slowly revealing itself 25%, 2 votes
  • Monochromatic and aerodynamic, definitely a ship! 25%, 2 votes
  • A volcano 13%, 1 vote
  • Broken space debris 13%, 1 vote
  • Some sort of machine 13%, 1 vote
  • Partially covered in snow. It’s symmetrical. 13%, 1 vote

Thanks for voting!

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