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Wait … Did C3PO Always Have Silver Leg?

In the original Star Wars did C3-PO have a silver leg? He did now.

Excuse the swearing-in this video, but it pretty much captures the incredulity many feel about what seems to be a significant factual change:

If you have the bandwidth to do try this on, consider that what you are experiencing as “your life” might be a simulation, perhaps created by the quantum computer offspring of artificial intelligence which humans created in the past … before humans went extinct. The idea is that something called “the singularity” happened, super robots took over the earth and for one reason or another, we are now living in their game.

If that is the case, we’d expect seemingly impossible things to happen with surprising frequency. For example, against astronomical odds, the same person might be struck by lighting 7 times and meteorites might hit the same house of a man in Bosnia six times across several years.

We might also expect glitches in the matrix, things in our collective memories that do not match up with current reality. Here’s a great one: In this timeline, we are in now, C3PO always had a silver leg.

Anthony Daniels (the man who played C3PO) explained this. The silver leg was very reflective, so it reflected his other gold leg and the sand on Tatooine. It was so unnoticeable that the stills photographer didn’t even notice it until a view days in taking pictures.

see USA today.

This does not fit our collective memory. We remember C3PO in Star Wars as having two gold legs.

Of course, you can believe that the silver leg was just subtle, that it reflected gold things like the other leg and the sand, so we just never noticed, but a more fun and intriguing explanation is that changes to the universe simulation we are living in now are not instantaneous. There is an overlap time when we recall the universe before it split, but our memories will be updated and then everyone will know C3-PO always had a silver leg.

Ever feel you branched into a wrong line?

I recall about 6 months before someone I loved died that she had told me she met someone who guided her and others through a quantum shift into another universe. I thought it was just more fun harmless crazy “Woo” at the time and I warned her that the other universe she enters might not be all that great. Now, years later, I just remembered that conversation.  Wow. What if she actually did it?

If this is a simulation, we may all be manifestations of the same person. That would mean all love self-love and all hate self-hate. It could be the answer to all questions that all is one and one is all.

So… Where is the door? Why not just quantum shift into a better universe? Because it might be a worse one, and because you don’t know what happens to the universe you leave. I’ll stay put or now.

It’s rightly mind-blowing. If I set my intent to fully believe another reality, could I wake up tomorrow and find that both of C3PO’s legs have always been gold? Will other things be back to normal? What else is completely wrong in this reality? I’m sure you can think of a few things.

PS. I dug out some VHS tape of “Star Wars, A New Hope“, the first one released in 1977. C3PO did have the silver leg, it seems.



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