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Walmart Shelves in Springhill, Louisiana cleared in EBT Glitch

walmartlootersLooters who took advantage of last weekend’s EBT card system failure to steal Walmart groceries are to be shamed into admitting guilt by having their photos posted online.

When a system crash temporarily rendered the Electronic Benefit Transfer cards unusable for a few hours during the evening of Saturday 12th October, some Walmart stores responded by telling shoppers they could make unlimited purchases.

This led to “mini-riots” and looting as shoppers piled carts high with groceries they could never afford. Some abandoned the carts when police arrived, but others left the store with goods they had not paid for.

“We hope to have photos of many of these shoppers on our webpage before the end of the week so they can be identified,” states a Facebook post by the Many Police Department, which is a town in Louisiana.

Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield were also hit by looting, while the EBT card malfunction€ caused a “mini-riot” at a Walmart in Philadelphia, Mississippi, prompting managers to close the store.

EBT card users interviewed in Skid Row€ threatened to stage Rodney King-style riots€ in Los Angeles if the electronic food stamp system crashes again, adding that there would be an “uproar.”

Given that just a few hours of EBT card downtime led to riots and looting at several Walmart stores, what would happen in the event of a shutdown or withdrawal of food stamps that lasted for days or weeks?

Last week, the€ USDA directed states€ to withhold Electronic Transfer Benefits for the month of November until further notice as a result of the government shutdown. Although this has now seemingly been averted, millions of Americans faced the prospect of going hungry. …

Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

Nice reminder of human nature. Prepare. Have plenty of food, water AND a way to protect your goods from looters.

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