Weird But True! Netflix, Skype, Kindle Predicted in 1965


An article in a 1965 edition of Eagle, a British comic book, predicted the arrival of the Internet with stunning accuracy, including services similar to Skype, Netflix, Kindle and Google years before the very first rudimentary ARPANET links were even established and decades before the first incarnation of the world wide web became available to the general public.

The article, entitled Computers for Everyone, predicted “world knowledge at your fingertips….as early as the 1990′s.”

“How would you like to be able to solve any mathematical problem in a fraction of a second: summon any page of any book or newspaper instantly before your eyes: have all factual information known to man at your own fingertips – all without leaving your own living room? This fantastic dream of scientific achievement may come true by the 1990s if a plan now being worked on by top scientists in this country and the U.S.A. is successful,” states the article.

Bear in mind that ARPANET, the very first rudimentary Internet communication system, was not conceived until the early 1960′s and the first ARPANET link between the University of California and the Stanford Research Institute was not established until October 1969…

via PrisPlan

What do you predict for the world by the year 2100?

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