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Link to Random Wikipedia Page Each Time, but IS IT?

This is a link that will take you to a different random Wikipedia page each time you click it:

This can be an interesting way to waste a few minutes.

Wikipedia as a Ouija Board?

You might even use it as a magic 8 ball, that is, ask a question, hold it in your mind, then click the link. What you get could be your answer from the universe (you may need to work to understand it), especially if the universe is a simulation and there is nothing truly random.  Give it a try and leave a comment if you get something useful or interesting from this modern day fortune cookie.

As of November 28, 2019, there are 5,974,983 articles in English on the Wikipedia site and it is one of the top web sites in the world. Depending on the source you check and believe, it may even be the second most popular web site in the world in terms of organic traffic (real visits).

What will you get from a random pick of 5.9 billion English language articles?

Update: Okay, this can actually be a little spooky. I thought, “Show me Ronald McDonald, Show me Ronald McDonald, ” and what I got was “Ryan Bizzarro“. Close enough to be pretty weird! How about this, what if the future influences the present, so when I thought of Ronald McDonald out of the blue, that was my best interpretation of “Ryan Bizzarro” whom I’d never heard of.

Ho-lee-crap. Check this out. I just tried it again, thinking before I clicked what I was going to see. It came to me very clearly that it was a continent. I said nothing out loud, this was all in my head. About 15 seconds later, still certain, I clicked and got “Ponikve, Brežice” with this image:

Spooky, right? Not a continent, but it sure looks like one. These two successes in a row are making me reconsider that “remote viewing” stuff I previously dismissed. You have only my word that I didn’t just make this up, but I didn’t. Wikipedia has a lot of maps, so this might not be a big deal and it doesn’t work every time.

The third time I tried, I was certain it would be an image of baseball, and sure enough, it wasn’t. It was a place, “Cecil, Alabama.” No strong connection to baseball … but during a quick search, for “Cecil, Alabama.” a top hit was this:

Considering that a big focus of my life is about peace, and these two big names in baseball history on the same summary with the words Cecil and Alabama, this was quite relevant for me personally. I think I was seeing the result of my search which was connected to the Wikipedia hit, so the ability can jump several steps into the future to what is important. Peace is important.

YMMV. Mind bending or just coincidence?

Update 12/11/2019

I decided to try it again. Different day, December 11, 2019 10:25 am. I tried again, thinking only in my mind:

“How can I change my fate?”

Then I clicked the link and got this:

The Branchville station is a commuter rail stop on the Danbury Branch of the Metro-North Railroad‘s New Haven Line, located in Branchville area of Ridgefield, Connecticut.


What a totally great (and completely spooky!) answer. I’m not making this up. It was one click only and that’s what I got: a train station with the name Branchville in a New Haven Line. Am I on a new safe haven line because I’ve been re-writing and updating my old agnostic posts and comments on this site to reflect my more recent thinking about God? I’m certainly on a ride now. Wow. Someone I met at the Little A’Lee’Inn named Michael said to just enjoy it, don’t fight it. Here’s the thing, although this universe answer seems to be saying I can’t change my fate, that I’m on a track, it HAS been changed, by some engineer. I made it to branch town. Choice city. Free will place.

Trains don’t typically branch, you get on and go, but somehow I’ve reached a choice point and different and better timeline. I’m on a New Haven Line and that sounds like it will be a good ride. Is there choice or not? The answer seems to be saying both. The track branches, but both seem to go the same direction. As the joining of tracks happens left to right in the photo, I tend to think that’s what this is saying, that no matter what I did before, I would have gotten to here, because it was my fate. To be here. Now.

I have to add that this answer also has a very personal meaning for me and it is almost like an inside joke as one of my favorite jokes for a long time, many years ago, linked fate to freight.

A priest asked, "What is Fate, Master?"

And he answered:

It is that which gives the beast of burden its reason 
for existence.

It is that which men in former times had to bear upon
their backs.

It is that which has caused nations to build highways 
and byways from City to City, upon which carts and coaches
pass, and alongside which inns have come to be built to 
stave off Hunger, Thirst, and Weariness.

"And that is Fate?" asked the priest.

"Fate... I thought you said Freight," responded the Master.

"That's alright," said the priest, "I wanted to know what 
Freight was too."

The added detail that I’m not just freight but a person, a commuter is a nice God-like touch, don’t you think?

Or is there nothing to any of this and I’m just reading into it? Making somethings of nothings? Absurd lunacy? Superstition? Totally random? That’s what I would have said a decade ago. Now I feel I can allow myself to have fun with the idea that my intuition may be correct, that there is a bigger deeper universe with which we can communicate … while at the same time avoiding the science loonie bin by holding the clear possibility that I could have made something out of any page that came up. Thus, it is still possible that it’s all me adding meaning to random noise. This is a core world-view choice, very powerful, I think, for each of us. Ask yourself, “Are these coincidences intrinsically meaningful?

Different readers will have very different views of what is going on here with the Wikipedia Magic 8 Ball.

Try it yourself.

Is it just me getting these amazing results from the Wiki Random link?


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Mister E
Mister E

I only asked the question in my head. The universe can hear that, I’d guess. Fun thing. Some may find it a bit spooky.

Mister E
Mister E

Wild. I asked where someone was and the answer I got was this: “Kentucky Route 622 (KY 622).” For all I know, it could be true.

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