Video: Woman sued by her two frozen embryos

sofiaModern Family” star Sofia Vergara is being sued by her two frozen embryos in an unusual lawsuit as part of a three-year battle by her ex-fiance to see the embryos brought to life.

The female embryos, which were created when Vergara was engaged to businessman Nick Loeb, are given the names Emma and Isabella and listed as plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed in Louisiana state court on Wednesday.

“Emma and Isabella seek that they be entrusted to their natural father Loeb, who is willing and desirous that they be born,” the lawsuit says.

Loeb and Vergara split up in 2014 after undergoing fertility treatment that resulted in the creation of two embryos in 2013, both female. Loeb has since been battling through the California courts to have the embryos carried to term, and to take custody of them.

Vergara, 44, has since married “Magic Mike” actor Joe Manganiello. Her representatives did not return calls for comment on Thursday but her attorney called the lawsuit a publicity stunt that would fail.

The image was from an article about the rumors of plastic surgery being false. I usually don’t pay attention to this type 0f news, but this frozen embryo situation was strange enough. Most would agree with this comment on YouTube:

Why couldn’t the headline (more accurately) be: “Father sues over Sofia Vergara’s embryos”? What is this? …

The strange but true thing here is that the frozen embryos are listed as the plaintiffs.

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