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Worldwide Wireless Energy Transmission from One Device

On this day in the year 1900, Nicola Tesla recorded in his journal a success with wireless energy transmission.
Tesla claimed he could transmit power around the planet from a single point.

from a central point in unlimited amounts, with a loss not exceeding a small fraction of one percent in transmission, even to the greatest distance, 12,000 miles, to the opposite side of the …

In this quote Tesla seems to have predicted the world wide web of smart phones, although he wanted to power all these instruments remotely through the air.

The magnifying transmitter is an advanced version of Tesla coil transmitter. It is a high power harmonic oscillator that Nikola Tesla intended for the wireless transmission of electrical energy. In his autobiography, Tesla stated that “. . . I feel certain that of all my inventions, the Magnifying Transmitter will prove most important and valuable to future generations.” The magnifying transmitter is an air-core, multiple-resonant transformer that can generate very high voltages.
… He kept a handwritten diary of his experiments in the Colorado Springs lab where he spent nearly nine months. It consists of 500 pages of notes and nearly 200 drawings, recorded chronologically between June 1, 1899 and January 7, 1900, as the work occurred, containing explanations of his experiments.
… Tesla logged in his diary on January 2, 1900 that a separate resonance transformer tuned to the same high frequency as a larger high-voltage resonance transformer (which acted as a transmitter) received energy from the larger coil, one of many demonstrations of the wireless transmission of electrical energy.
… The magnifying transmitter was the basis for Tesla’s later Wardenclyffe Tower project. Although modern Tesla coils are designed to generate spark discharges, this system was designed for wireless telecommunications and electrical power transmission.
… The magnifying transmitter’s base-driven extra coil behaves as a slow-wave helical resonator, the axial disturbance propagating at a velocity of less than 1% up to around 10% the speed of light in free space.
… At Colorado Springs, Tesla used his magnifying transmitter in an attempt to stimulate terrestrial standing waves. Based upon observations made with the device, Tesla reported that an earth resonance mode involving an electric current flowing through the earth can be excited. He claimed to have discovered a fundamental earth resonance frequency of approximately 11.787 Hz, significantly higher than the fundamental earth-ionosphere cavity Schumann resonance in the vicinity of 7.3 Hz, found to exist by researchers in the 1950s.
In normal operation the magnifying transmitter is relatively silent, generating a high power electric field, but if the output voltage exceeds the design voltage of the elevated terminal, high-voltage sparks will strike out from the electrode into the air.

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