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Xeno’s 100 Songs Project + Top 100 Human Problems

What are the top 100 most universal human problems? For those new to this site, I’m a singer/songwriter as well as a reporter of true strange stuff. I play guitar and other instruments and have worked as a professional recording engineer. I currently have 100 original unreleased songs which are all now at various stages in a music studio computer. I do a little work on the project whenever I can, sometimes all day. The plan is to release all 100 at the same time, or at least have them all finished at the same time. The style blends instruments and moods from Classical, Pop, Rock, Indie, Jazz, Punk, Dance, Rock, Metal, Folk, World Beat and many other styles, so I’m not sure what style to call it.

Since writing passable songs is fairly easy, and since I have a long term interest in doing my part to improve the human condition, I set a harder goal for this project, to have each song include an answer to the top 100 most universal human problems. The trick is to do that without any preaching and without being obvious about it. Subliminal enlightenment. That’s my working title for the collection.

Has anyone written and released 100 songs at once before?

Many other artists have written 100 songs. Collections of the top 100 songs by one artist seems to be a thing in India, for example. Here are several examples I found:

… but if I succeed I will be the only one to release 100 songs by me.

How long does it take to play 100 songs?

The current run time for the project is under 6 hours of music. When I load the songs all in one place and play them back to back, the run time is about six hours.

Current List of 100 Common Human Problems

I live in the United States of America and this list is colored by my US experience. Also, this is a draft. It will probably change many more times by the time the songs are done.

  1. Advice, need for wise reliable
  2. Aging, acceptance of, grace in
  3. Animal care
  4. Anxiety, consternation and worry about problems
  5. Apathy, political and otherwise
  6. Assault, protection from
  7. Beauty, desire for
  8. Biological mastery, to fix health issues
  9. Boredom, lack of entertainment
  10. Bullying, knowing when to stand your ground
  11. Cancer, how to avoid
  12. Compassion, fostering and sustaining
  13. Communication, poor skills, style differences
  14. Consciousness, lack of understanding of
  15. Creative outlet, lack of
  16. Death, finality of, coping with loss
  17. Dependence on others
  18. Depression, prevention and cure for
  19. Diabetes, prevention and cure for
  20. Diplomacy, lack of personal
  21. Discernment, lack of, confusion
  22. Discrimination, unacceptable vs real differences
  23. Disrespectful behavior,
  24. Distrust limiting options and self-expression
  25. Domestic violence
  26. Drug addictions, including to medically approved drugs
  27. Earthquakes
  28. Education, lack of affordable high quality
  29. Employment, lack of fulfilling and rewarding
  30. Energy, lack of clean affordable
  31. Entitlement, culture of selfishness vs reasonable rights
  32. Evil lurks in every person, good as well
  33. Exercise, lack of motivation for
  34. Exploitation due to power imbalance
  35. Fame, Desire for
  36. Fear of change
  37. Fires, that threaten or no access to fire for cooking
  38. Floods
  39. Food, lack of good healthy
  40. Forced association with a group
  41. Fraud, scams
  42. Free time, lack of
  43. Friendships, lack of quality
  44. Guilt over mistakes
  45. Hoaxes, need for fact checking
  46. Home or shelter, lack of a suitable
  47. Impulsivity
  48. Inflexibility, Inability to compromise
  49. Laws, unequal application of
  50. Laziness, lack of work ethic
  51. Logical fallacies in thinking
  52. Long term planning, lack of
  53. Loss of species diversity
  54. Magical world, Desire to live in
  55. Mate, lack of a well-matched
  56. Mental illness, real and manufactured for drug sales
  57. Morality, lack thereof
  58. Mortality, no cure for aging
  59. Murder
  60. Negotiation skills, lack of, need for
  61. Noise pollution
  62. Obsessive self-interest
  63. Oppression, witting or unwitting
  64. Organization, lack of
  65. Persecution for beliefs
  66. Physical discomfort, pains
  67. Political differences
  68. Pollution, environmental
  69. Popularity, Desire for
  70. Power, Desire for
  71. Press Freedom, lack of
  72. Pride, excessive
  73. Prisons instead of behavioral reforms
  74. Prostitution, forced by traffickers
  75. Radiation threats
  76. Rape, plus ripple effects
  77. Relationships, difficulty with
  78. Religious differences
  79. Rules, excessive
  80. Self-esteem, lack of
  81. Separation from loved ones
  82. Sex, Desire for
  83. Slavery, avoidance of in all forms
  84. Sports team thinking in politics
  85. Super powers, Desire for
  86. Talent, Desire for
  87. Technical Support, need for
  88. Theft and robbery, protection from
  89. Threats from human conflicts
  90. Tooth decay, prevention and cure of
  91. Traffic Violations
  92. Travel, inability to due to time, money, responsibilities
  93. Trust, lack of, xenophobia
  94. Trash build up
  95. Universe, lack of understanding of
  96. Unsolved mysteries
  97. Violence, including war
  98. Water, lack of drinkable
  99. Wealth, desire for, seeking detrimental to others
  100. Weather, inhospitable

Where did the selected problems originate?

Sources for the problems in the songs include my own experiences as with all songwriters, but also I drew from the UNs Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Ten Commandments, and the Top 10 Most Commonly Committed Crimes in the world in 2019.

What are the solutions?

I’m still working on those, but as one example, wisdom says that much anger is at the root caused by various fears, so there are things you can address in general. Many if not all of these things are already out there, figured out by work groups, psychologists, doctors, clergy, and so on, but we all need reminders and not everyone has heard the best proposed solutions.

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