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Xeno’s 100 Songs Project Update

I was asked to share my music with the world and have thus been working on this music project for years. I have sketches of 100 originals in a music studio computer. I do a little work whenever I can, sometimes all day.

My style is American Helifino which blends instruments and moods from Classical, Pop, Rock, Indie, Jazz, Punk, Dance, Folk and other styles.

Has anyone written and released 100 songs at once before?

Many other artists have written 100 songs. Collections of the top 100 songs by one artist seems to be a thing in India, for example.

… but if I succeed I will be the only one to release 100 songs by me.

Tonight I transferred the sketches to a phone so I can listen to them all as a group and work on improving them. I do like parts, but I want to like every part of every song I release and so there is much still to be done.

How long does it take to play 100 songs? The current run time for the project is under 6 hours of music.

Meanwhile my body is breaking down, joints cracking and popping, muscles cramping, loud ringing in my ears, persistent eye and other twitching, feet burning and prickling, joint pains … all of which wears me down mentally as well.

My prayer to the god of this simulation is that I may keep my health and positive focus to see this dream through.

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